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Most of the celebrities you see on movies and TV shows have been caught naked by cameras at some point in their careers. Some of them have even been filmed in many instances having hardcore sex while acting in the movies or in other shows. Mr Skin brings you the sexiest video clips and picture sets featuring these celebrities. This site has virtually all the famous girls so it is very likely that you will get all your favorite celebs here getting naked and naughty on camera.



Most of the content here comprise of short clips and picture sets capturing only the important parts of a movie or TV show that a porn viewer would be interested in. There are so many clips and pictures to view here and unless you can set aside enough time to go through them, you will never come close to viewing half of the materials especially with their multiple daily updates. At the moment the site has more than 50,000 videos and more than 166700 pictures. These are drawn from more than 31,000 adult TV shows and movies.

The videos clips are normally presented in resolutions of about 640×360 pixels on average but they have some HD quality videos displaying at 1280×720 pixels mostly from their recent updates. Quality of the clips is therefore great for a collection like this and the pictures are equally amazing to look at. There is an option to download the clips and the pictures too in case you want to build your own library.

Navigation at the site is fairy simple. The content is organized into videos, movies and TV shows and there is a section for the celebrities. The videos come with an excellent search engine that you can use and sorting options are in plenty at the site. They have also provided a search facility at the top of the page. Celebrities have their own pages with links to their clips and picture sets. Accessing these materials is very easy from the pages. Downloading the clips is lightening fast given that most of them are short clips showing only the sexual parts. The members’ area poses no problems at all.

You will also find lists that you can check out like Top Ten Lists, Original Videos, Featured Playlist and many others. If you like viewing nude pictures and hot sex clips featuring the celebrities, you will not want to miss out on Mr Skin. As most guys will admit, these scenes are mostly what make us want to view a whole movie. With this site, you don’t have to. You can view the parts that matter in every movie and TV shows that have some adult scenes.