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Have you ever seen a girl in a porn movie and you almost swore that you have seen her somewhere else in real life. In I know That Girl; you might come across a girl that looks just like your neighbor’s daughter or a girl that you have seen in your neighborhood. The girls here are so real. They wear normal fashion and behave normally just like amateur girls would behave when they are in a secluded place with their boyfriends. However, they are more open to trying out new things and new sex positions than your girlfriend would normally do.



The webmasters want us to believe that these movies were taken by real lovers during their relationship, and that we are getting the opportunity to watch them because the lovers broke up and the boyfriends released the videos to the internet. It’s a good lie that many will fall for especially due to the POV camera views and the reality style that is applied. As for a reviewer like me, I know that the action is staged since I can even recognize some pornstars in the mix. But the action is great, the POV views are really cock-hardening and the quality is great overall. I would therefore not mind shelving the reality for a while as I enjoy the debauchery.

Fortunately, unlike other private tape sites, they have built a huge archive of over 350 full length movies that you can enjoy as a member. Previously, you were allowed to stream or download the videos without any limitations but things have changed a little recently. As per now, you are only allowed to stream at the site if you have an ordinary membership. To download the videos, you will need a VIP membership which will obviously cost you a few more bucks. Anyway, they have a great collection and they also offer huge bonuses to their members. Actually, the whole of the Mofos Network is a bonus here and as you will realize, more premium sites with amateur girls and raw sex videos are offered. They include Let’s Try Anal, Latina Sex Tapes and many others.

Quality is exceptional as compared to other similar sites. Here, you can view the videos in specs of 1920×1080 pixels and bitrates of 10+ mbps. The I Know That Girl specs are available for streaming as well as downloading. The MP4 is the most common format that you will get here.

All in all, there isn’t a lot to complain about here. They have very young and gorgeous girls, the quality is very high and the amount is huge thanks to their weekly updates. This is a site well worth joining.