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FakeHub is a UK based network of sites that manufacture reality based hardcore porn. There are six  sites in the network including Fake Agent UK, Female Agent, Fake Agent, Fake Hospital and Fake Taxi. Just in case you are wondering what the “fake” is all about, it implies that the guys in the various sites are not genuine in their business. They are in the business just to get the opportunity to exploit unsuspecting women who come looking for their services.



The Fake Agent for instance features a guy interviewing girls for modeling jobs which don’t even exist. Amateur girls coming for the interview get tricked into fucking him hoping to land a modeling job. The Fake Hospital on the other hand features a fake gynecologist inspecting women’s private parts, turning them on and fucking them like crazy. The Fake Taxi is about a guy who operates a Taxi but his main aim is to pick up unsuspecting women, seduce them and fuck them inside the cab. In general, the six sites revolve around such kind of a reality idea and I think it’s a brilliant thing to have such a collection where you can explore all your fantasies in one place.

Combining materials from the six sites gives you over 1,462 movies and most of them have a HD format option. The formats choices provided include MP4, Windows Media and Flash for downloading and streaming as well. There aren’t any photos at the moment though.

The layout of the site is simple and straightforward. You can visit the individual sites to view what is being offered there. They give statistics on how many people have viewed a certain scene and how many people have liked it so it’s always easy to know where to start. You could browse by date or use the alphabetical listing and there is a model index too.

For the fans of reality movies that shows you the whole action from the seduction part to the stripping to the hardcore fucking, this is a solid deal for you. They are uploading daily in most cases and the movies have a HD playback option. It’s amazing stuff all through.