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In this life, you have to fake it until you make it. This is especially so if you want to see lots of girls stripping for you, showing you their asses and giving you their pussies to fuck without trying too hard. The easiest way to fuck girls is to find out what they want and provide it to them. The FakeAgent in question here has found out that many girls in his city want to make quick bucks by becoming adult models and he has launched a fake audition where girls will showcase their sucking, cum-eating and hardcore fucking skills to him hoping to be hired.



The girls are invited for some adult modelling interviews where they are asked very intimate questions to break the ice and warm them up. Later on, they are asked to strip naked and suck the interviewer’s cock. In the end, they are fucked hard and lots of hot cum deposited in their mouths and pussies.

It’s a concept that is almost as old as porn but it never gets stale. We always want to see innocent amateur girls sucking cocks and getting fucked hard on camera for the very first time. So, this is a concept that is not going away any time soon. The interviews are very interesting and the girls seem to be genuinely looking for modelling jobs. They hesitate to undress and suck the cock but with a little convincing, they are on their knees chocking on the huge meat.

There are about 200 such kinds of interview and sex scenes on the site currently. About two new FakeAgent episodes also get added to the archive each and every week hence making the archive grow at a very good pace. Some DVDs are also provided as a bonus here. Quality-wise, you can expect movies with resolutions of about 1920×1080 pixels in Windows Media and QuickTime. A 720p HD option is also provided here. You can also use your mobile device with the mobile-ready formats.

Browsing the materials is through clicking of thumbnails that are listed in index pages. There are over 20 pages to go through. More user-friendly features are definitely overdue here. All in all, the reality action is very entertaining and includes POV styles as well as Third Person Point of View styles. The girls are hot and they look genuinely interested in the modelling jobs. They however get out of the interview room while wet and they never hear from this agent again thereafter.